Projet inspia

L'IAD, l'ECAF et l'ECPA se sont associés dans le cadre du projet inspia.

>>>Presentation of the inspia project (poster)

The concept of sustainable development has evolved from a mere movement for the protection of the environment, to a holistic approach, seeking to preserve not only the environment, but also to achieve sustainability in economics and social wellbeing. According to FAO and EU position papers, the challenge faced by society is to produce 70% more food for an additional 2.3 billion people by 2050. The challenge is to produce more but in a sustainable way. As recognised by many papers, a proper soil and land management is a key part of sustainable agriculture. The InSPiA Europe (European Index for Sustainable Productive Agriculture) project aims to demonstrate that the implementation of best management practices (BMPs) by farmers can deliver economic performance as well as ecosystem services, whilst recognizing the importance of the values of natural capital, biodiversity, water and soil quality, as well as the welfare of farmers. Implementing BMPs would increase the soil organic carbon content in European farmland as well as progress on other key indicators.

The European Conservation Agriculture (ECAF), the French Institute for Sustainable Agriculture (IAD) and the European Crop Protection Association (ECPA) jointly conduct the project. InSPiA will provide an index on farm sustainability based on a set of verifiable indicators based on data provided by a 50-farm network.. That network will enable the validation, demonstration and communication of BMPs to promote the uptake of sustainable agricultural practices throughout Europe and to raise awareness among EU policy stakeholders, technicians and farmers in favour of sustainable agriculture.